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Introducing ArmourTone abuse-resistant finishes, a game changer for the drywall and plaster industry. ArmourTone products are complete finish systems that are generally applied over gypsum drywall but can be applied over most substrates including concrete, masonry, EIFS and stucco. These systems are preferred because joint treatment, surface preparation and colored finishes (either smooth or textured) are achieved with fewer steps, fewer construction days and with less manpower than with traditional drywall compounds and paint. A benchmark feature of ArmourTone is superior abuse resistance compared to conventional drywall finishes which minimizes ongoing maintenance.

ArmourJoint: 100% acrylic-based joint compound which virtually eliminates sanding and dust and reduces the time to finish level three or four joint treatment by as much as two days. This product offers superior performance with minimal shrinkage, crack and moisture resistance.

ArmourFill: One component, pre-blended, tintable acrylic-based level five surfacer and finish texture (smooth, orange peel or knockdown) with exceptional abrasion resistance. ArmourFill is a complete texture and color finish that is achieved in two days, eliminating paint.

ArmourTone: Fine and Sanded. One hundred percent acrylic-based interior or exterior abuse resistant finishe that achieves a variety of textures including smooth monochromatic, imperfect smooth with highlighting stain, decorative mottled, orange peel or knockdown, or fine sand finish. All with unmatched abuse resistant performance.

Claro HP: Venetian style smooth, mottled finish coat applied over ArmourTone Fine. Available in unlimited colors in a matte finish, with gloss sealers available. All ArmourTone products can be used interior or exterior with epoxy modified sealers for long-term added protection. They are ideal for commercial, industrial, institutional, multi and single family residential with different textures and effects possible. Environmental benefits include increased sustainability, dust free products and very low VOC.

ArmourTone Stucco: Premium acrylic stucco which offers superb coverage and spreadability.

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