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Decorating with Artificial Ceiling Beams

Natural wood has a beauty all its own, but it can be heavy, expensive, and prone to warping and water damage. However, high-density foam can be used to mimic the look of wood without all of the problems associated with the real thing. Here are a few decorating ideas that can help you use artificial ceiling beams and other faux wood products from Volterra in your upcoming remodel.

Elegance and Beauty

Natural wood ceiling beams make a powerful statement. Smoother, sleeker beams make your home feel warm and elegant, while thicker rough-hewn beams lend a rustic, traditional feel. Wooden beams, whether real or artificial, can make your interior design much more cozy or elegant – depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Interior Design

Artificial ceiling beams work best in rooms with other wooden accents, such as floors, moulding, cabinets, or furniture. For a polished look, the stains and textures of the different items should match. Often, it’s a good idea to use several wooden beams in order to create a balanced feeling in a room. If you have a vaulted ceiling, however, you can also opt to place a single beam along the peak of the roof.

Exterior Wood

Faux wood beams and corbels can be used on the exterior of a house, too. They make great accents along a roof, either lining the edges or corbels protruding outward under the roof line. These beams can also be accented with other items such as wooden shutters to add character and charm to the exterior of a home.

Real wood is beautiful, but faux wood retains that beauty without any of the problems inherent to wood. Artificial ceiling beams and other accents are a great substitute for the real thing – and can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Call 602.258.7373 today for information and pricing on the wide selection of artificial ceiling beams available at Volterra Architectural Products.

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