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Faux Wood Beams Installation

Drywall Ceiling Application

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Structural Application

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HDF I Beam Installation Diagram

* Volterra FR-HDF is manufactured with a resin which passes ASTM-E84 and meets Class A Criteria *

  • Clean steel with appropriate solvent where HDF beam and the 2X will be adhered
  • Apply urethane adhesive to 2X and steel then mechanically fasten or clamp and let dry
  • Apply urethane adhesive to the inside of beam and 2X—press firmly into place then fasten with finish nails or screws
  • Apply urethane adhesive to top of I beam and fasten HDF Lid with finish nails

Faux Wood Beams Installation Video

Faux Wood Touch Up Kit

Faux Wood Beams Technical Data

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ASTM-E84 Fire Rating

Adhesive Technical Data

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