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Cutting for the Right Crown Molding Angles

Crown Moulding is fundamental for giving both the wall and the ceiling definition, whether it is an inside corner or an outside corner. The right crown molding angles must be determined, however, before the trim is set in place. This process is actually different from laying base molding or casing, and that is because particular cutting needs to take place. The molding angle must be at an exact degree so that it fits perfectly onto the surface for the desired effect.

When you are using crown molding for an outside corner or an inside corner, the stick of trim must be cut in two. Both pieces must be at 45 degrees to meet at the angle of the wall. This process causes one surface of the molding to be longer than the other. The bottom part of the molding is longer for an inside corner, and the top part of the molding is longer for an outside corner. Use a miter box and a saw to ensure the best possible cuts. A miter box is a tool that lets a saw make exact miter joints in the molding, beveling the two parts to eventually be joined together.

After the necessary cuts have been made, position the pieces so that they meet at the angle that the walls create. If it was done properly, one piece should overlap the other, and they should both fit into one another. For more information about crown molding angles, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.

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