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Are Decorative Ceiling Beams a Good Fit for Your Home?

In the last few years, faux wood ceiling beams have become popular in settings ranging from private homes to five-star resorts. Installing these beams can make your home more attractive while increasing its value. However, if you are wondering which type of decorative ceiling beams are the best choice for your home, you may want to consider the following questions.

Is Your Ceiling a Little Dull?

Decorative ceiling beams look incredible on vaulted ceilings, since they draw the eye upward. They can also work with ceilings that are sloped or asymmetrical. Decorative beams can enhance flat ceilings, too, but they may look out of place if they don’t complement other aspects of the house.

Is Your Home’s Look Rustic or Classic?

While painted faux beams look great in a more modern home, wood beams that are stained to look like real wood can bring an elegant or authentic touch to homes with a more classic design. If you have wood ceilings, decorative beams and corbels can create the simple, clean feeling of a cabin or lodge. If you have ceilings made of other materials, wood beams can provide a classy touch that add architectural interest to an otherwise plain ceiling.

Whether you choose a painted or faux wood finish, decorative ceiling beams can add elegance to your home's decor. If real wood ceiling beams seem like a great fit but price is an issue, you should consider polyurethane foam beams. Call 602.258.7373 today for details and pricing on the vast selection of decorative ceiling beams available at Volterra Architectural Products.

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