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Break the Mold of Conventional House Design with Decorative Trusses

The truss traditionally does its work in complete isolation, built high above in a house and masked by the ceiling. It is not traditionally thought of as an element of a house's décor, but therein lies the potential for a reconsideration of what makes a house's ornamentation truly shine. For builders and designers who want to branch out of traditional ways of thinking, decorative trusses are available for inspiration.

Consider the actual elements of the truss. It is a complex-looking mechanism with a system of beams running across or down, and sometimes interweaving with each other. A decorative truss foregoes practical functionality for the sake of helping a room open up and maintain the illusion of wide space. Its detailed architecture is an immediately eye-catching element that draws many people's vision to the ceiling as it sits there neatly. A truss is deemed decorative when it serves this function, canceling out the negative space of an empty tall ceiling with its nuanced body.

Volterra Architectural Products manufactures trusses for this exact purpose, creating molds from natural wood that embody the authentic beauty, lines, and textures—a perfect interpretation of the real deal. Volterra's line of trusses offers varying models. Some have traditional layouts, while others take a more creative approach with different-sized beams, which are positioned at different angles, cutting into one another. Custom trusses and arched beams can also be created to suit any specification. For more information about decorative trusses, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.

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