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Fake Ceiling Beams

When it comes to interior upgrades during a home remodel, most homeowners will look for any way that they can to save money. That often includes doing some of the work themselves, as opposed to hiring a contractor to do it for them. While this certainly may be a prudent practice for some projects, there are certain jobs that one might just want to leave to the professionals. Cutting and installing fake ceiling beams is one of those projects.

The Drawbacks of DIY

Installing faux-wood beams and planks can be a tricky proposition, especially if one doesn’t have advanced woodworking skills. While there are a number of different resources that provide instruction on how to cut and install your own fake ceiling beams, homeowners should consider some of the risks being run by attempting to do it on their own:

  • Costs
    While the initial thought may be that one is saving money by cutting and installing their own beams, the truth is that without prior experience, the likelihood of errors is high. Errors often mean that jobs need to be re-done, which means wasted materials, which translates to wasted money.
  • Time
    One’s time is valuable, especially when it comes to a home remodel. There are a number of different other projects that one has better chance of initial success at than cutting and installing his or her own fake ceiling beams right the first time.
  • Quality
    The purpose of an upgrade or a remodel is to improve the space. A poorly cut or installed ceiling beam can do just the opposite.

Handling and installing ceiling beams is definitely a task best left to the pros. Doing so ensures that one will get uniform, quality materials that look great and are installed properly. Those who want to do a little bit of work themselves can always tackle a simpler home remodeling project, such as painting. Call 602.258.7373 now to learn more about the fake ceiling beams offered by Volterra Architectural Products.

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