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Complement Real Wood Fixtures with Faux Beams

Authentic wood is a popular decorative choice for many home contractors, designers, and novices. It has been used to create floors, cabinets, and furniture pieces like desks and chairs. Few feelings compare to the cozy, inviting ambiance that is created when stepping into a living room or bedroom adorned by the antique beauty of natural wood decór. If you are pondering remodeling or renovating a house while keeping with the tradition, you will find that faux beams continue the model of natural wood handsomely.

It might not sound possible for synthetic materials to evoke the same atmosphere that real wood products create, but the best faux beams are manufactured to copy the exact look and texture of real wood. When suspended high near the ceiling, these beams are the perfect complements to all authentic wood decorations gracing the walls and floors of a room. Your guests and family will be charmed by this layout, never knowing they are looking at materials created from synthetic properties.

Volterra Architectural Products creates the best beams for this effect. Each individual beam is crafted from a high-density polyurethane foam that, after installation, never requires any attention or care, and they are all easy to install. For more information about faux beams available from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373 today.

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