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Faux Ceiling Beams

Before you add faux ceiling beams to your home or office, there are a few essential things to take into consideration to help you decide which beams will be right for your space. The following are three things to consider before purchasing ceiling beams:

  • Weight Limitations

    In general, you need to find beams that are light enough for your office or home’s existing structure. To do this, you need to determine how much the new beams you are thinking of purchasing weigh and how much weight your ceiling structure is able to bear. This knowledge can prevent costly structural issues down the road.
  • Method of Beam Attachment

    To determine the best means of attaching the beams to the ceiling, it will be necessary to examine the size and direction of your existing ceiling joists. Lightweight faux beams can usually be safely installed onto the drywall with the included attachments. However, heavy beams might need the help of additional threaded screws or bolts for added safety.
  • Placement and Design Impact of the Beams

    Many building owners install ceiling beams to create a warm, inviting feel in the building. This décor impact occurs because the beams cut off light and create shadows. Some of this light dispersion can be avoided by changing the direction of the beams, if desired.

The color of the beams will also affect the impact they have on a room. Darker colors make the ceiling feel lower and lighter colored beams can add a feeling of additional height to the room. Texture is another element that influences the impact of ceiling beams. Do you want to create a rustic feel in your room or are you hoping to accomplish a more modern look? No matter what style you hope to achieve, there are textured faux ceiling beams available that fit the bill.

Achieve Impact Safely

Installing faux ceiling beams is a sure way to add dramatic flair to your home or office. By considering the weight, attachment method, and placement of the beams, you can safely secure them for the effect that you hope to achieve. Call 602.258.7373 today to learn more about the affordable and elegant faux ceiling beams available at Volterra.

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