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Faux Venetian Plaster

Homeowners will sometimes dismiss the use of an attractive faux Venetian plaster because they are concerned about a “fake” finish. However, these finishes, when applied professionally, create a beautiful lime-based plaster that resembles its original marble state. An aggregate plaster delivers the beautiful appearance of stone with the lighter weight offered by popular paints.

Five Reasons to Consider a Faux Venetian Plaster Finish

If the high quality and beauty of the finish aren’t enough to convince homeowners to use this in their homes, then some of the following reasons might tip the scale:

  • The plaster can be applied to most interior wall surfaces, including drywall, wood, cement board, tile, and brick.
  • This finish is very durable, often resisting the cracks that appear over time in other finishes. If repairs do become necessary, plaster is easy to patch without leaving obvious signs of the repair.
  • The appeal of faux Venetian plaster is timeless and versatile. This finish has been popular in homes and businesses throughout history.
  • Earth-friendly lime is non-toxic and naturally inhibits the growth of mold. This can improve the quality of indoor air.
  • Multiple layers of plaster can act as insulation, reducing the utility costs of the home.

This beautiful finish is good for both indoor and outdoor use on walls and ceilings. It shouldn’t be dismissed without thorough consideration because it has many benefits for the discerning homeowner. Call 602.258.7373 today for details about the faux Venetian plaster and other plaster finish products available at Volterra.

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