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What Purpose Does Flex Moulding Serve?

If you're a contractor or a remodeler, you're probably already well familiar with moulding. It is an invaluable material that accents and trims walls, and it helps windows and doors stand out from the surrounding features. Hardwood moulding is the popular material of choice, tastefully adorning houses with the natural beauty of real wood. While hardwood moulding is useful, it is not an all-purpose trim. Flex moulding is the ideal trim for all remodeling and decorating purposes.

Flexible moulding is named precisely for the way it is used. Some houses have ceilings, walls, floors, and sometimes even windows and doors that have been constructed in ways that eschew tradition in favor of more unique designs. Standard hardwood is too rigid to accommodate these curves and radius corners, but flexible moulding can fit around them with ease. It stands to reason that such special home features warrant a trim that helps them stand out brilliantly. What's more, flexible moulding is still rigid enough to fit around standard straight trims.

Volterra Architectural Products manufactures a flexible moulding known as Volterra Flex™. Each Volterra Flex™ product is made out of a urethane composite material that ensures easy installation and a resistance to moisture, temperature, splintering, and breaking. It is created to replicate the look of real hardwood in all of its fine details and textures, free of its drawbacks.

The Volterra Flex™ line is essential for anyone looking for an all-purpose trim. For more information about the flexible moulding trims available from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373 today.

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