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Foam Beams

Foam beams are an inexpensive yet elegant way to give any room in your house a quick makeover. These beams are sculpted out of heavy-duty, high-density polyurethane foam, which can be cut and molded into almost any shape you desire. When painted or varnished, these beams end up looking just like real wood. Below are a few ideas for using foam beams from Volterra for your next home remodel.

Give the Appearance of a Lower Ceiling

If one of the areas in your home has a high domed or vaulted ceiling, you may want to make it look lower to give the room a cozier or more inviting appearance. A large ceiling beam that spans the length of the room at the height of the top of the walls can mask the cavernous look of a high ceiling.

Make a Room Look More Spacious

Ceiling beams that are mounted flush against the ceiling and painted in a contrasting color can make the ceiling look higher and the room appear more spacious. Simply paint the beams dark and the ceiling light to give the illusion of added space.

Add Character to a Space

Beams can also be used to add visual appeal and character to a room, especially if they have curved or molded end pieces or are otherwise decorative. In addition, choosing large, rough hewn beams can make the room look more rustic, while choosing smaller, sleeker beams can add a more modern feel.

Contact Volterra today to learn more about the benefits of remodeling your home with high-density foam beams. For more information about the wide selection of affordable foam beams available at Volterra, call 602.258.7373 today.

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