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Foam Ceiling Beams

Architectural foam ceiling beams can be used decoratively on both the interior and exterior of a house. These beams are made out of a stiff foam that can be easily cut and molded into many different shapes. Foam ceiling beams can be attached directly to the ceiling, run parallel to the ceiling between the tops of two walls, or surround the ceiling on four sides like crown molding. Because ceiling beams made of foam are so light, they are relatively easy to install. Here is how the process is done.

Prepare to Install

Measure and cut the ceiling beam to length. It is possible to shape the beams yourself using a circular saw, but the process is very precise and difficult. Unless you have a lot of experience shaping wood and masonry, it is best to leave this part to a professional.

Mix an Adhesive

Mix a wood or masonry adhesive in a bucket. Prepare the wall or ceiling where you are going to attach the beam with a layer of primer.

Attach the Beams

Apply adhesive to the back of the beam and then place it on the wall or ceiling. Use one or two nails to hold the beam in place while the adhesive dries. Apply a thin line of adhesive around the edges of the beam to form a seal.

Foam ceiling beams from Volterra Architectural Products are versatile and easy to install. Consider using them in your next remodeling project. Call 602.258.7373 today for information and pricing on the architectural foam ceiling beams available at Volterra.

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