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A Unique Truss Design Means a Unique House

How important is a truss? When deciding on how to properly capture the weight of a roof and let the load-bearing aspects of a house handle it, such as walls, the answer is that it is paramount to the grand design. As a functional mechanism, the truss handles its job very well. But did you know that a truss can also serve as a decorative element? With the proper decorative truss design, you can enhance a house with beauty it has never known before.

A non-functional truss might appear to be a useless fixture, but when installed in a vaulted or high ceiling, it is easy to see why people pay money for it. A truss is a marvel of architecture, containing maneuvering beams that cut and weave in and out of each other for the effect of a complex layout. It closes the vacant space of the ceiling and creates the illusion of greater height, opening a room up to guests, friends, and family. A truss can come in many different designs, depending on the manufacturer and your vision for the finished project.

Volterra Architectural Products creates decorative trusses to suit any professional or do-it-yourselfer's needs. Made from synthetic materials that match the exact look and feel of natural wood, these beautiful trusses are simple to install and weigh very little. A multitude of formations can be chosen, each with its own special crossing and cutting. For more information about these different trusses, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.

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