Volterra Architectural Products: Made in the USA

Variance Textures

Alto Smooth™

Produce a pristine smooth troweled plaster look. Alto™ naturally has a soft, subtle color variation. Beautiful Santa Barbara style can be achieved with Alto Smooth™ as an exterior finish.

Alto Tuscany™

Produces aged, distressed textured finishes. Alto™ naturally has a soft, subtle color variation or optionally a colorwash technique may be used to increase the mottling effect.


Aged, old world textured finishes or a more subtle sand finish can be achieved with Arena™. A colorwash technique is often used with Arena to increase mottling and richness.


High polish Venetian style plaster. Successive coats of Brio™ are applied to create a stunning and easily maintained multi-dimensional mottling effect. Brio™ is a 100% acrylic polymer based, semi-translucent, smooth, trowel applied high gloss plaster finish.


Create the beautiful look of traditional interior plaster finishes. Claro™ is applied as the finish coat over a colored Variance base to create an endless variety of breathtaking mottled plaster finishes




An earthen plaster look is achieved with Tierra™ while maintaining all the high performance characteristics of an acrylic finish. Earthen particles are visible in the final product, producing a warm, natural plaster finish.


Anciano™ can create the appearance of hewn stone or distressed plaster. Natural pigmented particles are visible in the final product adding to its character and high build capabilities. Often used as an exterior finish, Anciano™ has been designed specifically to be applied over cement plaster basecoats, although it is equally at home on the interior of any building as well.