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Flexible Moulding: Versatility Meets Affordability

For many people, a room just doesn’t look finished until the moulding is installed. Traditional moulding looks beautiful, but can be extremely difficult to work with—especially when going around curved areas or undertaking large projects. Even the most competent of do-it-yourself home renovators often find themselves needing to call in a professional contractor to finish a moulding project. Thankfully, now there is a solution: flexible moulding from Volterra.

Volterra Flex™ Moulding

Up until now, you typically had two options for moulding. The first option is traditional moulding, which looks beautiful once installed, but is very difficult to do by yourself. The second option is lower-quality flexible moulding, which is easier to apply, but often winds up looking uneven or wobbly due to its lack of strength and support. Now, there is a third choice that is truly the best of both worlds. Moulding by Volterra Flex™ offers the look and feel of traditional moulding, but with a far easier installation. Composed of a flexible resin, Volterra Flex™ stays stiff enough to keep your lines straight, but flexible enough to handle tough corners or curved areas in your home. Moulding types available include:

  • Crown
  • Base
  • Casing
  • Chair rail

You can order Volterra Flex™ to fit nearly any hardwood moulding profile, and it comes pre-primed and can be easily painted and stained to match existing moulding and trim.

A Great Choice

Volterra is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of fine architectural elements and finish products. Volterra Flex™ moulding and trim are the most affordable and versatile flexible moulding products on the market today. Find out more about this stylish and durable moulding online, or call 602.258.7373 today for pricing and product specifications.

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