Benefits of Faux Finish Walls

Posted By Volterra Oct 10, 2019

faux finish wallsGone are the days of using wallpaper and stucco as the only means of dressing up our walls. Today, there are a number of faux finish wall materials that can help you expand your interior design in new directions. Let’s take a look at some of the beneficial ways these faux finish walls can work for you.

Beautiful Design at a Fraction of the Cost

Imagine you wanted a beautiful interior brick wall to serve as the backdrop or accent in your living room. In the past, this type of design would’ve been nearly impossible unless you were willing to spend a fortune to have someone lay actual brick. And even then, it would be impractical. The same is true of many wood plank and reclaimed barn wood style walls, as well as natural aged plaster. That is why designers are incorporating faux finish walls that are made to mimic the design and style of these materials without the enormous cost of bringing them in and installing them the traditional way. In addition, these faux wall finishes make it possible to dress up your walls without causing significant permanent damage to the surface behind them.

Easier to Maintain

In addition to simplifying the installation process, faux finish walls also have the added benefit of being easier to maintain over the long term. Because these wall finishes are made with acrylic materials, they can be properly sealed against dirt and grime. The sealant also prevents them from aging, so in the future, your faux finish walls will look just as great as they do on the day you install them. To see a full selection of faux finish wall options, visit Volterra online. We have a number of beautiful faux finish designs that can be used to give your home a rustic or traditional look that you can’t get anywhere else.