Benefits of Faux Wood Columns

Posted By Volterra May 26, 2015

faux wood columns can bring a sense of elegance to your architectural project.

Benefits of Faux Wood Columns

Columns have long been a popular element in architecture and design, from ancient building styles to Roman columns and into the present day. They create a sense of awe, even as they contribute to home décor and draw attention to specific elements of a given space. Columns might be used to break up a larger space in order to make it feel cozier or to highlight the vertical dimensions of a smaller space to make it feel bigger. Faux wood columns in particular are a cost-effective way to draw attention to architectural elements and get the look of wood for less.

Tips for Installation

Faux wood columns can easily add to your architectural project. Pre-made columns should be purchased ahead of time, along with two 1-inch blocks cut 2-inches wider than columns, three 1/4-inch quarter-round molding, finishing nails, wood glue, a miter box, hand saw and hammer and nails.
  1. Measure the space where the column will stand, minus the 2 ¼ inches for the two 1-inch wood blocks. This will be length for cutting the column(s).
  2. Nail or glue the base blocks into place, positioning the column in the center on top. Secure with finishing nails flush at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Slide the top block into place, with the column centered on it. Apply glue beforehand or use finishing nails after, ensuring they are flush for trim.
  4. Use column side measurements to cut four pieces of molding for the top and bottom with the miter box. Glue to base and top block face, securing with finishing nails.
  5. Finish by using wood putty to fill nail head holes and sand after drying, and inspect for any digs or cuts, treating and sanding accordingly.
Although faux wood options provide the architectural and aesthetic benefits of real wood columns, remember that they are generally for decorative purposes only. Still, by incorporating and installing this design element with care, you can easily transform any space into a more striking and engaging one.