Bringing Your Aesthetic to Life with Volterra

Posted By Volterra Jun 11, 2018

Dreaming Up Your New Space The first step in realizing your aesthetic goals is deciding what exactly you want to change about each room. Many times, homeowners are bored to death of plain textured walls and muted paints. Perhaps you want to draw inspiration outside and bring the look and feel of natural materials into your home. Maybe you are tired of popcorn ceilings and you just want to cover them with something that speaks to the quality of the home. Volterra can help. Faux wood beams make the ceiling the focal point of any space, and can cover unwanted pipes, drywall beams, fixtures or wires.

Choosing Wood Colors

Now that you know which parts of your home require your attention, it’s time to start selecting which materials you want to use. Some homeowners prefer rich, dark wood colors that make the space feel warm. Others love blond woods that lighten up the space and reflect a little bit of light. There are also a range of patterns and other colors available, such as grays and reds, that will help you find the right fit for the idea you’ve been dreaming up.

Putting it All Together

The final piece of the puzzle is putting your new faux wood beams into place. With Volterra’s products, you can easily mount or install wood beams, planks, corbels, and more in just minutes. The lightweight foam makes them great for DIYers who don’t have previous experience with faux wood beams. Simple brackets can hold the beams in place while you create whatever design you want. In just three easy steps, Volterra Architectural Products can help you bring your aesthetic to life. We specialize in making the ordinary extraordinary with our faux wood products. You don’t have to hire an engineer to redesign your home. Just check out our catalog and portfolio to see how homeowners just like you are already turning their visions to reality.  For more information, contact us at 602-253-7373.