Characteristics of Mediterranean Design

Posted By Volterra Apr 17, 2019

architectural designMediterranean architecture and design have a spectacular look that can be recognized nearly anywhere in the world. Both the combination of colors and the stylistic elements mimic the look of Mediterranean territories and help you feel more connected to the exotic locale. If you’re looking for ways to add Mediterranean design elements to your home, here a few simple tricks:

Colored Stucco

The Mediterranean may be best known for its colorful array of buildings in pinks, greens, blues, and yellows. These pastel hues are simple to achieve with modern acrylic plasters that allow you to add colors in before you apply the stucco to your walls.


Another staple of Mediterranean design is the use of arched windows, doorways and walkways. Even if your home does not currently have vast arches in place, you can replicate the look with the help of flexible faux wood design moulding pieces added to your windows and doors. Likewise, faux wood tile vent covers can be added to give the appearance of more arches.

Window Trim

Mediterranean homes also tend to feature eye-catching window trim. In some cases, this means adding moulding around the windows in a contrasting color. In other places you may see shutters or faux beams used to add decoration to the window area. Now you can bring the stylish characteristics of Mediterranean design to your home with the help of Volterra. Contact us today to see how we can bring arches, colors and fresh trim to your home.