Choosing a Color for Your Architectural Moulding

Posted By Volterra Dec 04, 2017

moulding is added to homes is to draw visual notice and pleasure. This kind of elegant touch gives any room a pristine finished look. However, many struggle with choosing a trim color that truly fits with the color scheme of the entire home. Many times it feels safer to stick with plain white or natural wood colors. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about changing up the look of your home with architectural moulding:

When to Choose White

White is the most common color choice for architectural moulding because it can be purchased without any additional work and fits into nearly any color scheme. However, there are a few times when white truly takes the cake. For instance, if you have dark colored walls throughout your home, white can create a strong impact and contrast at the ceiling and floor. White looks best on mouldings that have layered line or some type of character. If the moulding is plain and flat, bright white is more likely to accentuate the blandness of the trim, which most likely isn’t what you want.

When to Choose a Warm Neutral Tone

If you have plain or light colored walls, a shade of beige or light green can do wonders for keeping the look of the room both bright and interesting. The addition of darker architectural moulding gives the room a more formal look like framing a picture. These tones are especially eye-catching if the ceiling is painted to contrast the lighter colored walls. Dark wood trims also fall into this category because they add warmth and formality to the space.

When to Go Bold

If you have flat moulding without much character that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your walls, you may want to go all in on a bold color. Deep purple, green, or yellow can add interest along the edges without overwhelming the room. Add a colored throw or other accessories to match the boldness of the trim and you’re all set. Architectural moulding can be used to dress a room up or down any way you want. While most mouldings come in different finishes and colors, you can always update the look of a room by painting or staining them. Volterra Architectural Products offers architectural moulding in a variety of styles and colors ranging from very simple to very intricate for any style construction. If you have questions about ways to update and beautify the look of your home, contact us at 602-258-7373.