Is Your Dining Room at Its Best?

Posted By Volterra Jan 12, 2018

faux wood products can make a difference.

Matching Your Dining Room Table

While your dining table is where all the action happens, many times the tables we choose don’t quite mesh with the style and color of the house. Adding faux wood accents to the dining room, even in the form of crown moulding, can help the dining room table look more at home. You may also want to trim your doors or windows to better match the table.

Wood Beam Ceilings

Nothing is quite as classy as a large room complete with a beamed ceiling. Wood beams on ceiling make the room look longer and more open. They also add a bit of a traditional touch to the space, so it will feel warm and welcoming. Wood beams can be added to nearly any ceiling using a cross hatch pattern or simple brackets can be used on walls to give the illusion of full beams. These beams look even better with a chandelier that will light up the room.

Tying in Your Kitchen

A doorway between the kitchen and the dining room that is too cramped or narrow can make life around your home more challenging and uncomfortable. If you have a pass through window or a large kitchen island, consider accenting with faux or natural wood moulding to add continuity. Whatever you have in mind, don’t forget to check out Volterra’s complete line of faux wood beams and planks and give every room in your house the elegance it deserves. Visit us online or calling Volterra Architectural Products at 602-258-7373.