Keeping It Simple Adds the Biggest Impact

Posted By Volterra Nov 04, 2016

new design, without any excess clutter or fuss. Simple has become the new luxury. The architectural craftsmanship of a ceiling truss design adds an Old World elegance to your home, while also keeping the open design of your vaulted ceiling. This gives your room a look that is both clean and structured. Structural wood trusses are very costly and expensive to install.  Volterra offers a variety of lightweight faux wood ceiling truss design systems that have the look and feel of natural wood.  Whatever your decorative tastes entail you will find a look that fits your unique style, ranging from a basic scissor truss to highly elaborate arched hammer trusses.  Each truss system package comes with all of the components and easy-to-assemble instructions. A turnkey system is also available for each design. These include fasteners, adhesives, a cabling system, and any necessary structural components. To learn more about roof truss systems or get home improvement ideas from Volterra Architectural Products, visit our website or call us at 602-258-7373.