mid-centuryThe mid-century architectural era was a crucial period in the design world, and it gave birth to a lot of design aspects which will stand the test of time for centuries. Orchestrated by some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen, the mid-century left a lasting mark in the world of architecture. Architects like Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Walter Gropius are responsible for arguably the most significant architectural era. A style born after World War II, mid-century was designed with conflict resolution and social integration in mind. The design of the houses in this era was full of elements that connected people through open spaces and welcoming tones, which were essential in that healing period. A lot of those elements are still evident in modern day houses. Here is a look at some of the key elements of mid-century which are still evident today:

Large Windows

In a bid to connect people more and bring a connection to nature, architects of this era designed houses with very large windows. The windows were an avenue for people to marvel at the beauty of the universe and also serve as a means of lighting up homes after the dark times that the world had been through. These large windows are still in use today as their aesthetic value hasn’t diminished yet. From offices to townhouses, you will see this design in many countries around the world.

Open Spaces

The other characteristic of mid-century architecture which is still in use in modern architecture is the use of large open floor plans. Mid-century houses also had very large doors which were a gateway to go out and interact with the world. Open floor plan houses are still evident today, especially in the countryside where people love airy spaces with a connection to nature.

Multiple Access Points to Nature

Mid-century homes encouraged people to always connect with nature and the world in general and as such, they have very many access points. These include windows, doors and other viewpoints in the rooms to give one access to the world outside. This design is still used in modern architecture, as it helps light up spaces and gives people a chance to enjoy the world while they are working, seated in their homes reading a book, or enjoying family time. If you’d like to add mid-century design elements to your home, contact Volterra today. Our team of experts can help you achieve this desirable look and spruce up your home.