Old World Finishes with Acrylic Plaster

Posted By Volterra Apr 23, 2019

plaster wall finish Have you always dreamed of having a beautifully decorated home in the style of Tuscany or perhaps a Spanish or Mediterranean inspired room? Now you can with the help of acrylic plaster. This unique plaster blend offers a number of benefits over traditional plaster materials, and allows you to recreate just about any look you want in no time.

Patterns and Distressing

Two of the most iconic looks of the old world are the swept patterns of the plaster on the walls, and the distressed look of the plaster as it reveals textured surfaces underneath. With acrylic plaster, you can create beautiful replicas of these looks without having to wait for the plaster to age naturally. You can brush the plaster on using your regular spackling tools, and then sand it down to create the perfect level of distressed wood peaking through beneath.


Another element of old world design that we love are the rich natural colors that often came from the sand and soil that was used to make the plaster. In the old world, these colors were regional in nature, but today’s acrylic plaster allows us to add coloring ingredients in at the time of mixing to produce a natural finish with the appearance of baked in color. This means you won’t have to worry about painting to give the plaster the look you want. Acrylic plaster is the easiest way to get the old world looks you love in your current home. You can choose from a variety of colors, and easily use them to replicate any plaster style that you’ve seen around the world. To learn more about the unique attributes of acrylic plaster, contact Volterra today or view our acrylic plaster gallery online for examples of our plasters in action.