Orepac Products Available from Volterra

Posted By Volterra Jan 06, 2015

An Impressive Inventory of Trims The Orepac catalog is filled with an impressive inventory of trims for lots of casing and base designs. Some case trims have elaborate curves that looks like waves, going up and down the length of the piece in varying degrees. Others have one long wave that gradually goes up and down the piece like a hill. Others still move in and out like peaks and valleys. These nuanced casing pieces are perfect for helping doors and windows stand out from the rest of the wall, asserting them as their own individual structures.

Each Piece is Smoothed to Perfection

Orepac’s base moulding trims are in the same spirit as the casing pieces, with a few differences in design. Some pieces are put together with distinctly different-sized parts, while others are big pieces with a smaller one stacked on top of them in traditional base moulding fashion. Each one is cut, carved and smoothed to perfection, harnessed from the finest lumber in the business. Adorning a house with Orepac trims equips it with solacing beauty and cozy warmth, feelings that have become synonymous with wooden architecture.

See Orepac Products for Yourself

Orepac trims serve to complement the rest of the room, distinguishing its various surfaces with fine, artistic symmetry and bringing them into sharper focus. Each one becomes more strategically connected to the other with these moulding pieces implemented into the big picture. To learn more about Orepac moulding, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.