Popular Roof Truss Designs for 2016

Posted By Volterra Feb 09, 2016

The intricate framework of a roof truss design is a system constructed of a combination of various sized columns, beams, braces, and arches, incorporated into a room’s ceiling space. As an architectural embellishment, a roof truss works as an instant character builder in any home, office, restaurant, bar, or any space for that matter. In 2016, we are seeing a lot of buildings being constructed with intentionally exposed beams and trusses, but where that’s not feasible, the latest trend is to incorporate an after-the-fact roof truss design into an already existing closed high ceiling. Light-weight roof truss packages are available and created to mimic heavier wood truss systems, without carrying the extensive cost of materials and labor. Made from high-density foam, these truss frameworks replicate actual wood, in luxurious wood finishes like deep espresso, light walnut, rustic oak, and rich mahogany. Volterra’s roof truss designs bring class and intimacy to a vast overhead space. Available in nine different styles, our roof truss design plans range from a basic scissor style to a more elaborate hammer style. These gorgeous trusses ooze with charm! The same as what you’d find in a rustic Swiss Alps Chalet, English country manor, or Italian Umbrian farmhouse, these truss designs are sure to create a grand impression. View Volterra’s truss page to see the popular Huntsman, Sawtooth, Wasatch, Braddock, Cascade, Aspen, Catskill, Hawkeye, and Oxford truss styles.