Rustic Dining Room Decor

Posted By Volterra Feb 12, 2019

dining room Rustic decor is characterized by lots of hardwood and unfinished metals meeting together to create a unique look. These days we are seeing more rustic decor making its way into dining rooms, drawing us in with its simplicity and rawness. If you’re looking for fresh ideas to give your dining room an update, here are a few places to start:

Choose Your Colors

Transform your dining room to a rustic getaway by adding lots of deep browns, reds and oranges. These colors tend to come through the hardwoods naturally, and they compliment one another without being too loud. For instance, a dark wood accent wall or cabinet can be accented with some red or orange hued wall art.

Keep It Simple

Rustic homes aren’t filled with fancy cabinets and tons of stuff. Instead, stick to clean, open shelves and walls. Let the materials speak for themselves and use that openness to capitalize on the simplicity of the design. Open dish racks, open pantry shelves, and blank walls can help the rustic design come through without feeling cluttered.

Start from the Ground Up

A great rustic design starts with the flooring and encompasses every part of your dining room. You want a rich flooring that instantly makes you feel like you are in a rustic retreat. Then choose a table that has simple seating, and work your way up towards the lighting and the ceiling. Volterra Architectural Products offers many solutions for your rustic renovation. Don’t let your dining room be bland. Instead, let us help you design a rustic look that will give your dining room the cozy feeling that you envision for family dinners.