Custom Vent Covers by Volterra

Custom vent covers by Volterra can change that.


Whether your  attic vents are simple squares and rectangles or  round and half-round, you can order custom vents to fit any shape or design. Make sure you measure the hole accurately before you order to ensure the vent fits snugly without any further modification.

Custom Designs

While slatted vents are most common, there is no reason that your custom vents can’t add an interesting design element to your home. Even plain slats can be dressed up with a creative frame. Choose from flowers, leaves, and other artistic designs to fill the space. From a distance your vents will look like an intentional and elegant part of your home’s decor, adding aesthetic value to functionality.


The goal of your vents is to allow airflow without inviting pests or water into the home. Depending on the design you choose you will need to ensure that it is installed in the correct direction to keep water out. The vent will also need to be sealed around the edges to prevent water from getting in between the outer layers of your walls. Custom vent covers can add some spice to an otherwise ignored area of the house. By adding a decorative vent, you can break up the open space near the peak of your roof and get rid of the plain old slatted vent that was there. Volterra Architectural Products offers decorative vents in many shapes and sizes. Visit us online today or call us at 602-25-7373 to find a beautiful vent for your home.  ]]>