Types of Faux Paint Finishes

Posted By Paul Birkhead Sep 30, 2020

Your home is your castle—and it can really look like a castle with the help of faux paint finishes. From metallic finishes to natural stone finishes and everything in between, faux finishes for walls add drama, depth and dimension to any space. Faux painting techniques are designed to replicate the look of different materials on interior and exterior walls, and the finishes available are endless. Here are some faux finish ideas to consider.

  1. Fabrics Fabrics are often simulated in faux paint finishes. You can incorporate the softness, warmth, and texture of luxurious fabrics like linen, silk, suede, leather and more into any room. These finishes will give walls a visual interest that can beautifully complement your home and decor.
  1. Stone Stone finishes for walls are some of the most popular today. The earthy, old-world feel of these natural stone finishes offer drama and depth. These finishes are often achieved with different mixtures of plasters and aggregate materials that can realistically simulate surfaces like granite, limestone and marble.
  1. Metallic Metallic finishes can also be achieved. These modern, dynamic finishes are absolutely breathtaking. They often include a layering of plaster, glaze, colorant, wax, and primer in different varieties. Metallic paint finishes play off of light and create a sleek, stunning ambiance in a room.
  1. Texture Other textures can also be achieved. Variance acrylic finishes are known for high performance and a wide range of looks. This line of acrylic polymer-based products can be used to achieve a number of looks from old-world to modern and truly give walls and surfaces a life of their own with depth and movement.

The looks achieved by faux finishes are only restricted by your imagination. There are thousands of options to choose from. Between color, texture, and dimension, the choices are endless. Whether you choose a fabric, stone, metallic, textured or other style of finish, the end result is likely to add visual interest and a unique style to your home. Call 602.258.7373 now to learn more about the selection of faux paint finishes offered by Volterra.