Adding Old World Charm with Faux Ceiling Beams

Posted By Volterra May 24, 2016

interior, you might not have a dramatic budget to give it a complete home makeover. Faux ceiling beams are an economical way to add a cozy, Old World charm to your home ornamentation,while also creating a beautifully vintage home style as part of your get-away from the modern world. With the authentic look and texture of real wood, faux ceiling beams create the illusion of a larger, open, high ceilinged look,without the added expense that natural wood costs.  The rustic and classically historic look of faux ceiling beams adds a touch of elegance that fits perfectly into even the most modern home’s decor. Volterra’s ceiling beams are cast from natural wood to create texture and wood grain detail, while being made from light and durable  high-density polyurethane foam. Unlike real wood, little or no maintenance is needed once the beams have been installed. Available in Tuscany, Douglas Fir, Sand Blast, Rough Sawn, and Hand Hewn in many different styles and colors, installation is easy and inexpensive.  Hollow beams can be used to hide wires, pipes, and light fixture accessories. With just a few simple ceiling beams your home can go from plain to a dramatic and gorgeous change. To learn more about faux ceiling beams from Volterra call (602) 258-7373