It is commonly known that something that was once popular will always come back around. True, some design aesthetics should stay in the past, but bringing a vintage look to your home can be a great way to make it stand out from the rest. Here are a few interior products that can give your home a timeless, classic design aesthetic.

Faux Wood

Adding faux wood products to your home can be a major way to give it a vintage look. Wood can be added in minimal or maximalist ways to your home, through simple wooden shutters or a large faux wood truss system that adds depth and structure to an overall space. If the faux wood can be made to look rustic or faded, this can give your home even more of a vintage look.

Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles were all the rage in interior design during the early 1900’s before wartime shortages and the Great Depression demanded their use for more pressing needs. Bring life into a commonly neglected design aspect of your home –the ceiling– with the vintage look of decorative ceiling tiles.

Decorative Plasters, Stuccos and Stone

Adding an alternative finish, such as Italian lime plaster or Variance acrylic plaster, can texturize your walls in a way that sets them apart from modern plaster and stucco finishes. Adding Volterra stone products is another way to add a vintage ambiance without the dedication that entire wall finishes require. For help achieving a vintage design look in your home, contact Volterra or peruse our product offering online.