faux wood beams in their interior décor for numerous reasons. The décor of a restaurant (or other dining space) has a large impact on the actual dining experience. Aside from the more obvious taste of the food, ambiance is everything! Faux wood beams on the ceiling offer the same luxurious ambiance and warmth as real wood beams but with so many advantages. Facilities such as restaurants and bars are often comprised of several rooms, and therefore several ceilings. To achieve the elegant, charming look that wood beams offer would require dozens of several foot long, very heavy solid wood beams. Installation is not impossible, but requires the work of a large crew equipped with hoists and forklifts, lots of time and large expense. Faux wood beams, made from high-density foam, look just like the real thing, but they are extremely light, making for a much easier installation. You’d never know that the beams on the ceilings of most of your favorite places are actually faux wood beams! They look real up close because they’re cast from actual wood and have the texture of real wood, so especially when viewed from the ground, everyone just assumes they’re real wood. Another reason eating establishments use faux wood beams is because wood requires regular sealant maintenance to keep them from rotting, and maintenance is costly, smelly, and sometimes requires business to temporarily be halted. As if these were not enough reasons to use fake wood beams, restaurants don’t like to talk about it, but decorative wood attracts insects – and insects and food are a very bad combination! To learn more about faux wood beams for ceiling décor contact Volterra Architectural Products at (602) 258-7373.