Flex Moulding in AZ

Posted By Paul Birkhead Sep 30, 2020

Have you ever stepped into a nice home and stood in awe at the finished edges all around you? Moulding is one of those items in a home that give a luxurious and finished feel in every room. Upon closer investigation, you might start to wonder how a homeowner was able to get beautiful trim on curved archways or windows. The simple answer to that is flex moulding in AZ. How It’s Used Flex moulding is a flexible trim option to give nearly any edge in your home a completely finished or polished look. Trim can be made of many different types of materials, including wood and resin. While wood looks beautiful and straight, sometimes the edges of your home are not as straight as they ought to be for the use of such trim. Flexible trim can be molded to the shape of your edge. This still creates a straight-edged look, even though the trim is able to flex to the angle of the edge. Advantages to Flexible Moulding Flexible trim is perfect for use in areas of your home that have a curved radius or non-straight edge. Archways, pillars, windows, and more can benefit from flexible trim. If you’re hoping to achieve a desired color or appearance, this type of trim can also be painted. If you still wanted a wood-like appearance to your curved edges, you can still achieve that with a paint job. In addition, this type of trim is easy to install, which simplifies that job for you. Give Your Home a Polished Look In the end, flex moulding in AZ gives every area of your home the professional polished look that you desire. It doesn’t matter if it’s an odd curve in the corner of the room, an artistic window, trim around some lighting, or a decorative ceiling; flexible trim provides all kinds of possibilities to every room in your home. Ask your contractor or manufacturer about your trim options today. To learn more about flex moulding in AZ, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.