Selecting an Interior Window Trim

Posted By Volterra Oct 23, 2015

interior window trim is just as important for having your windows look complete. To reflect the style of the home or make a decorative statement, interior window trim provides finishing touches that should not go ignored. Volterra stocks many styles of interior window trim to match the characteristics of your home. Interior window trim comes in innumerable profiles; the lines and grooves that give each trim its unique design. As you look through our interior window trim catalog, you will notice the profile is what the trim would look like from its end edge. Hundreds of moulding profiles are available in styles to match all of the most popular home genres, such as Victorian, Traditional, Country, Arts & Crafts or American Craftsman, Mission, Prairie, and Modern. Interior window trim, whether in hard wood, composite, or faux HDF, is a very inexpensive way to bring beauty to your home. A great way to add volume to a small window is by adding wide trim on each side, a wide piece of apron trim at the bottom under the sill and a beautiful pediment or crown moulding at the top. There really are no rules to trim selection, but one rule of thumb is to keep the width of the trim in proportion to the size of your room. Thinner trim, for example, can get lost in a very large room or one with high ceilings so thicker and/or more elaborate trims are warranted there. To learn more about how to enhance your windows with interior window trim, visit Volterra Architectural Products online or call 602.258.7373.