Weekend Projects Using Faux Wood Beams

Posted By Volterra Mar 17, 2020

Are you looking for a quick and easy weekend project that you can complete without any special tools or skills? You’re in luck! With faux wood beams, you can make beautiful additions to your home in no time. That’s because faux wood beams are made from lightweight high density foam that can be cut, screwed, nailed, and more with everyday tools. The best part is that these beams also hold up well outdoors, so you can take on any project you’ve been itching to start. 


Build a Backyard Escape


Faux wood beams make an excellent option if you are wanting to build a covered patio area or a pergola. These beams are very durable and the professional coating on the outside helps them stand up to the weather without fading or chipping. They are light and easy to maneuver so you can use them overhead to block the sun as well. 


Add a Catio


Catios, or cat patios, are all the rage these days. That’s because more pet owners want to give their cats the enrichment of the great outdoors without the dangers of free roaming. Catios can be pretty big, depending on your outdoor space, so let your imagination run free. Faux wood beams are perfect for this type of enclosure, dressing it up so it looks like a professional space for your animals to relax. Again, the durable coating will protect the beams from your furry friends, while giving them the ability to enjoy the sunshine and the sound of birds. 


Change Up the Fireplace


If the weather is still chilly in your area, you may prefer an indoor project. For instance, updating your fireplace mantle with a sleek modern look, or adding decorative elements around the sides of your fireplace is a quick project that you can knock out in a weekend. You can find a wide range of trim options that can be layered or combined to create a custom look that suits your home. You may also choose to add decorative brackets or supports beneath your fireplace mantle to complete the look, and add a special touch of detail. 


To learn more about faux wood beams and trim, contact Volterra today. We have a wide selection of trim products from unfinished wood to coated HDF. We can even customize looks just for you. You can check out our whole catalog of beams and accessories online today and start planning your weekend project before the weather warms up.