3 Clever Uses for Foam Corbels

Posted By Volterra May 01, 2017

1. Kitchen cabinets Foam corbels are perfect for under kitchen cabinets because minimum support is required here. Since the cabinets are bolted to the walls, the foam corbels will be used solely for decoration. When fitted perfectly, foam corbels accentuate the kitchen cabinet giving ordinary builder-grade cabinets a custom look that is appealing to the eye.

2. Fireplace

Many people omit the fireplace mantel when thinking about decorating their homes. This however, should not be the case because the fireplace can be a spectacle when decorated with the right elements. There is no better way of decorating your fireplace and giving it a grand look than dressing it up with foam corbels. Adding corbels underneath the mantel or on the floating shelf will give it an astonishingly elegant finish.

3. Kitchen counters and Islands

The sides of most kitchen counters are often plain and simple. Curved foam corbels can be used to add elegance to the kitchen counters and offer a decorative element to kitchen counter overhangs. The results are truly amazing and your kitchen will be transformed forever. Island bar tops are beautifully accented with decorative corbels. Foam corbels are one of the fine details that can make or break the aesthetic of a house. They come either smooth or in a variety of textures and stain colors so you can find something that matches the other architectural elements in your home. They can also be painted to match colors or provide an accent. Volterra Architectural Products offers foam corbels in a variety of sizes and designs to spruce up your home.