3 Reasons to Use Faux Wood Planks

Posted By Volterra Jul 17, 2017

architectural elements is too costly. This is attributed by the fact that many of the decorative elements and products used have been expensive. However, with the introduction of faux products this has changed. No matter the budget, anyone can change the look of their home or landscape at an affordable price. A good example of faux products which are really transforming the look of homes around the world are faux wood planks. Here are the three main reasons why you should make faux wood planks a key element in your home makeover:

1. Versatility

Faux wood planks are versatile and can be used in both the interior and exterior of your home. Use the planks to texture your ceilings, create feature walls, build a gazebo and many other creative transformations throughout your home.

2. Add aesthetic beauty and make a statement

Faux wood planks give you the beauty and appeal of natural wood by emulating its look and texture. They are strikingly beautiful to look at and will help make a statement to the many visitors coming to your home.

3. Efficiency and cost effective

These faux wood planks are dense and efficient to work with. Besides their aesthetic appeal, they offer functionality and durability. The beauty of using these planks is that for all their beauty and efficiency, they come at an affordable cost, which makes them ideal for everyone. Faux wood planks are a creative way of adding long lasting beauty to the interior and exterior of your home without necessarily breaking the bank. If your space is looking and feeling plain, faux wood planks are a good way to update your space. To learn more about the many kinds of faux wood planks available, visit the Volterra Architectural Products catalogue or call us at 602-258-7373.