3 Tips To Make Small Space Living Seem Bigger

Posted By Volterra Mar 23, 2018

Add Depth To Your Ceiling One of the best ways to make a small space living area look bigger is to add that something extra to your ceiling space.  It can be a new coat of paint that is a different color than the walls or: – Wood Planks:  They add that extra style and depth you need to make a room look bigger.  Planks come in a variety of colors to choose from. – Beams:  Faux wood beams are lighter than regular beams and easily self-install.  These beams can also add depth to a ceiling and are u-shaped and hollow, which means you can hide any unsightly wires or pipes. – Truss Systems:  If you have a high ceiling these decorative systems will really work well for you.  These range from  basic design styles such as Huntsman to more complex designs like Hawkeye.

Add Texture To The Walls

Another great way to make a small space living area look larger is to add depth to the four walls of the room.  You can do this pretty easily with paint, but paint won’t add texture on its own.  Instead, try: – Textured wallpaper – Plain colored paint with decorative panels – Or both!

Add Height To The Room

Lastly, a really nice way to trick your eyes into thinking the space is bigger than it really is: add some height to the room.  This can be as easy as adding some tall flowers to vases or tall interior trees and placing them in pots around the space.  But, you can also use mantels to create shelving up high.  While mantels are primarily for fireplaces, they, as well as any other wood you can get your hands on, work really well for bookcases and it helps draw the eyes upward which in turn makes the room seem bigger than it actually is. To learn more about how Volterra Architectural Products can help you with your interior needs, contact us at 602-253-7373.