4 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

Posted By Volterra Aug 13, 2019

mantelsAlthough millions of people invest in stylish fireplaces to warm up their living space, very few people manage to exploit the full potential of fireplaces. Some people try and spruce up the architectural exuberance of the fireplace by wrapping a mantel around the fireplace, but this is still not enough. To make the fireplace a focal point in the living room, you need to go a step further and decorate the mantel. Although it is possible to invest in a decorated mantel, it’s challenging to come across a decorative style that resonates with your style and is consistent with the rest of the living room set up. To help you spruce up your living room’s look, here are four simple ideas on how to decorate the fireplace mantel:

Use of Greenery

Most fireplaces are made from dull colors which can easily weigh down the life of any space. To counter the dark colors of the fireplace, invest in greenery which you can place on top of the fireplace mantel. Green flowers are a fresh breath of air in any space and their color always blends in with most design styles. The choice of the flowers depends on your taste, but you should be careful not to stack too many flower pots on the mantel, as this makes the living space look too crowded.

Use Artwork

Have you been looking for a space to pin your family portraits? Are you an artsy person looking for the perfect space to express yourself? The mantel is the ideal place to place photos and other pieces of art to make your space even better.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors not only lighten a space by adding light, but they also make a space appear bigger than it is. Stick up one or two mirrors on your fireplace mantel and let it light up your living space.

Make the Mantel the Home Tech Center

Yes, you can use your television screen and audio speakers to breathe life into the dull fireplace. Mount your TV right above the mantel and place audio speakers on the mantel and you will have yourself a tech center in your living space. Are you looking for architectural products to spruce up your home? Volterra has plenty of options, including interior and exterior products. Contact us today to get started.