Adapting a Truss Design to Suit Your Style

Posted By Volterra Apr 20, 2015

Adapting a Truss Design to Suit Your Style Though thinking about a truss design might evoke images of a rustic space, decorative trusses are extremely versatile and suitable for all styles of homes. With the lightweight non-functional trusses from Volterra that mimic natural wood trusses, you can have the beautiful appearance of trusses in your home without the hassle and labor costs. Their style and color choices make the trusses adaptable to your unique architecture and create a stunning effect in any space. Blending In To achieve the stunning architectural accent of truss design while maintaining a modern feel, paint the trusses the same color as the rest of the room. This is easy with Volterra’s primed (ready for the paint or stain) finish, and even though they’re painted the same color as the room, their unique wooden texture lends them depth and strength. The Huntsman style truss design works well in a modern space because of its simple, minimal beam structure. Natural Warmth Truss design that maintains a natural wood look, color and texture has the ability to be rustic or contemporary, depending on the application. To play up the rustic appearance, incorporate more wood surfaces like walls and flooring. For a more contemporary feel, keep walls, windows and design lines simple and clean. The Aspen truss style, with its arched accents, gives an earthy, lodge-like appearance, while the Sawtooth design adheres to cleaner lines and structure. Flooded with Light In a space filled with windows that allow in ample natural light, truss appearance is anything but heavy. For a grand room with high, arched ceilings, trusses help emphasize the architecture and accentuate walls of windows. Trusses work as a framework around spectacular views and bring balance to a space already filled with sleek wooden surfaces. To achieve a minimal intrusion of truss design, the Catskill style has just enough structure for visibility without a feeling of descending weight. While trusses used to be an essential part of structural support in homes, with Volterra’s decorative truss design options, they can fit in any style home. The lightweight, natural wood look and feel of these trusses add that touch of unique visual interest to your home and lend sophistication, rustic charm or even modern sensibility to a space. Volterra’s extensive selection of colors and textures allows you to find just the right fit for your home, and you can vary your choices throughout the home for a truly unique application. Discover the beauty of trusses from Volterra today.