Add Flair to Your Home With Millwork

Posted By Volterra Jun 12, 2017

Elevate the charm and sophistication of your home with the art of millwork. From functional baseboards to decorative crown moulding, each element plays a pivotal role in enhancing your interior space. At Volterra Architectural Products, we understand how these details can transform a house into a home of elegance and style. Let’s delve into how various forms of millwork can add a unique flair to your home.

Baseboards: The Foundation of Wall Protection and Aesthetic Appeal

Protect your walls and elevate their beauty using baseboards. Installed where the wall meets the floor, baseboards not only conceal gaps between the flooring and the wall finish but also provide essential protection to your walls. A room graced with well-fitted baseboards leaves a lasting impression of elegance and attention to detail on your visitors.

Window and Door Casings: Highlighting Overlooked Features

Accentuate your home’s windows and doors to make them stand out with stylish casings. These trimmings not only dress up your windows for a complete and unique look but also bring an often-overlooked architectural element to the forefront. Casing mouldings serve as a perfect way to enhance the appearance and character of your windows and doors.

Crown Moulding: The Quintessential Millwork Addition

Crown moulding is a prevalent form of millwork, yet its potential is frequently underutilized. When selecting mouldings for your living spaces, consider the profile and size carefully to balance with the room’s color and ambiance. Crown mouldings create a seamless transition between walls and ceilings, adding a layer of sophistication and refined finish to your interiors.

Millwork, from the foundational baseboards to the elegant crown moulding, offers endless possibilities to add flair and value to your home. At Volterra, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of high-quality millwork products that cater to all areas of your home. Browse our online catalogue of specialty architectural products or contact us at (480) 937-0243 to explore our offerings and elevate your home’s interior design.