Adding Corbels to Boost Curb Appeal

Posted By Volterra Feb 21, 2017

corbels in a range of sizes and styles to match your home. They can easily be stained and installed in areas that will earn you a return.

Classic Appeal

Corbels are often used to give a home a distinguished classical look similar to the popular Victorian and Renaissance era. The multi-faceted corbels draw the eye toward long, graceful roof lines and window sills. They can be used to accent your paint scheme and make your home stand out from others on your street or you can match your corbels to your window shutters and trim to create a beautifully refined look.

Simple Application

When searching for ways to boost your curb appeal, many projects you may consider could end up being both time consuming and costly. For example, a full landscaping overhaul may cost significantly more than the return you will end up getting when you sell your home. By contrast, corbels are relatively inexpensive.  You can also control the amount you spend by choosing from a wide variety of styles ranging from simple to highly ornate. The hardware and labor needed to install corbels is significantly less than what you would expect to pay to repaint your entire home. With so many neighborhoods being built with a cookie cutter approach, it can be difficult to make your house stand out from the mundane. Corbels offer a way to draw the attention of potential buyers who will be even more surprised if you use those same corbels throughout the interior of your home, giving it an even more unified appeal. Before you spend a fortune trying to prepare your house for the market, visit Volterra Architectural Products online or call at 602-258-7373 and see how corbels can change the whole look of your home.