Adding Finishing Touches to Your Dream House

Posted By Volterra Oct 14, 2019

When you set out to design your dream house, you want to be sure that you get every detail right. There is no point in designing a dream house if you stop short of the finishing touches. That is where Volterra comes in.

Start With the Trim

While it may not be as exciting as picking out new countertops, the hardwood or MDF trim that you decide to use around your baseboards and for crown molding is just as important. Choosing a flat, plain design can give your room a modern look, while choosing a more detailed and layered trim can speak to your classical tastes.

Don’t Neglect Your Walls and Ceilings

Another aspect of your dream home design should be your wall decor and your ceilings. With faux wood planks and beams, you can make any room look like a rustic cabin, a high-end dining room, or an artistic focal point in your house. It is best if you make these decisions early on in your design process so that any beams, trusses, or corbels can be customized to suit your vision. For help with finishing your dream house design, contact Volterra architectural products today. Our team can help you select from a wide range of trim and accent options that will bring your final dream home design to life.