Applications for Flexible Trim Moulding

Posted By Volterra Dec 18, 2018

flexible trim moulding exists. 

Advantages of Flexible Moulding

Flex moulding sets a new standard in contemporary design because its elastic composition permits contractors and homeowners to apply it in numerous ways. The most immediately recognizable advantage is how it is able to seamlessly fit over uniquely formed walls, floors and ceilings that twist and turn their ways around rooms. Aside from surfaces that take on unique forms, flexible trims can also be the perfect fit for a staircase that doesn’t just narrowly ascend to the second floor. Twisting staircases that swirl their way up look all the more ornate when adorned with a flexible trim along their paths.

Customizable Trim Moulding

Just like regular trims that remain straight and rigid, flex moulding can be easily altered to fit the owner’s preference. It can be cut to meet particular lengths or be used in conjunction with already existing trims, or different fixtures altogether. For maximum customization, these trims can also be easily painted or stained to match with the rest of the layout. A strong brown, for example, creates the warm, captivating ambiance that is associated with authentic wood. A soft white is synonymous with regality, complementing marble tile and cream walls. Flexible moulding has all of the decorative advantages of regular moulding with a whole host of benefits that are exclusive to its unique makeup. For more information on flexible trim moulding, call Volterra Architectural Products at 602.258.7373 today.