Architectural Moulding Styles for Home Improvement

Posted By Volterra Dec 09, 2016

moulding or the unmistakable country feel of wood beams. From a welcoming and grand living room entrance to a well-framed kitchen, there are many options to help you accomplish that sought-after look. Consider the following selection of architectural moulding styles for your home’s design. Architectural Moulding Options: Form and Function

  • Crowning Architecture: This type of moulding makes a stylish distinction between the wall and the ceiling of your home. Crown moulding is usually characterized by various curves, notches and steps and comes in sizes from 1″ to up to 10″. These accents make elegant silhouettes. This style is often found in older, historic homes but large simple painted crown moulding is seen an many new custom homes.
  • The Chair Rail: This moulding hugs the wall and serves not only as decorative, but a functional purpose by providing a distinctive divide between the upper and lower half of the wall and is sometimes used with wainscot below the rail. Its dimension also protects the paint or wallpaper from chairs, end-tables, and other items when they lean up against the wall.
  • The Picture Rail:  Similar to the chair rail but generally installed a couple of feet above eye-level, the picture rail is designed to support the hanging of pictures and frames. It is favored by art enthusiasts because you don’t need to drive nails into the wall to display your photographs.
  • The Egg-and-Dart Style: This often appears in conjunction with other moulding styles that bridge the gap between wall and ceiling – such as the crown or the cove. As soon as you see the egg and dart, you’re immediately reminded of the Greek Parthenon and the columns that held up many ancient structures in that part of the world. It is a very stylish option for an upgraded interior décor.
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