Are Your Home Shutters Helping Your Curb Appeal?

Posted By Volterra Aug 08, 2018

Size and Shape When choosing home shutters, first make sure that they are the right size and shape to match up with your windows. Shutters come in many stylish designs, with curved tops and unique design elements. However, when placed on rectangular windows, these home shutters look very out of place. A similar visual effect happens when shutters are shorter than windows and do not cover their entire surface. Home buyers will instantly notice when home shutters do not match windows, and this will detract from your home’s curb appeal.


Choosing the perfect paint and finish are also important considerations for your home shutters. Most often, shutters are painted to match the trim around the your home. However, if you have vinyl siding or other synthetic materials for your trim, it can be difficult to find a color match on wood shutters. Mismatched shades can look odd, especially in sunlight, and this can hurt your home’s curb appeal.


Shutters only add to the curb appeal of a home if they look natural. When shutters are  nailed outside a window and onto the sides of a home, they look like cheap replicas instead of an authentic part of a cohesive exterior aesthetic. This is also true for shutters that are mounted backward, upside down, or with large gaps between them. To get the most curb appeal out of your home shutters, make sure that they are mounted properly: just slightly overlapping the edge of the windows, not flat against the surface of the wall. Perfect mounting not only adds dimension and depth, but also makes your home shutters look natural. If you need help finding your ideal home shutters, contact Volterra Architectural Products. We have a wide range of beautiful shutters to amplify the curb appeal of any home, and we can install them for a picture perfect finish.