Base Mouldings – Is Bigger Better?

Posted By Volterra May 13, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.35.28 AMBuilders often choose base mouldings that are cheap and basic. We are all familiar with the small profile, gently slope-shouldered variety that comes standard on most homes today. For those who want to make a change, the baseboards are a natural place to start. So how big should you go?

Why Go Big?

Oversized base moulding makes a huge visual difference in your room, especially when painted bright white or another contrasting color. The easiest way to do this is by using flat 1x4s or 1x6s to build a big riser. While these boards do not feature any extra milling or design work, they look perfect in today’s ultra-modern spaces with their clean and simple lines. Even in a classically styled home, you can go big by using a plain board as above, and staking a piece of decorative trim above it.

When to Go Small

If you’re going for more of a minimalist look, you may decide that smaller base moulding is the answer. In this case, stick with low profile options for a simple quarter-round solution that is painted to match your walls so that you can take advantage of the entire surface. When choosing smaller base mouldings, remember that they offer less protection against scuffs and scrapes along the bottom of your walls. Base mouldings are an important element of any room, and even a little upgrade can change the way you feel about your space. Don’t settle for dull builder’s grade mouldings. Choose Volterra for a huge selection of moulding profiles and styles.