Best Modern Designs Featuring Exposed Ceiling Beams

Posted By Volterra Jan 27, 2016

Exposed ceiling beams have become a popular design element in modern homes, trendy stores, and upscale bars and restaurants. Architectural beams uphold the structure of roofs all the time, but in most cases, they’re hidden, covered up by a conventional flat ceiling. When the elements are revealed through exposed ceiling beams, joists, pipes, and wiring, you can’t help but be taken back to simpler, slower paced times and drawn in by feelings of nostalgia. The main drawback to tearing down a ceiling to show the exposed ceiling beams and other hard components is that the room will lack insulation. When there’s a ceiling board overhead, a room can be heated much more efficiently. So how do you get the charming, modern look of the exposed ceiling beams without losing heat and energy? There’s a very simple way that you may not have heard about. Volterra makes faux wood ceiling beams that look just like wood, that can be attached to any home, store, or restaurant ceiling. They’re very light, made from HDF (high density foam) and come in all kinds of wood stain colors and wood grain textures. No one can tell the difference, and they’re easy to install, cost less than wood beams or tearing down the ceiling, don’t warp, and will give you the style you want without your space becoming heat depleted! To learn more about how you can get the look of exposed ceiling beams without the disadvantages, call Volterra in Phoenix at (602) 258-7373.