Best Wall Accents to Accent Your Stained Moulding

Posted By Volterra Jun 23, 2017

crown mouldings are the most common types of mouldings use to trim interiors and add depth. Stained moulding is loved by many because of the simplicity they offer to interior design finishing. They give your home a more natural and satiny look which suits any home design. As conventional and common as stained mouldings may be, there are certain wall colors which simply don’t bring out the best in stained mouldings. On the other hand, there are other colors which blend right in with the stained mouldings and give your home a beautifully marvelous look, which will awe visitors.  What are some of the best wall colors to use with stained crown mouldings?


Instead of painting your walls in the all-too-common bright shades of white, why not paint your walls in a darker beige color? Beige blends beautifully and allows stained moulding to be subtly highlighted without garishly contrasting and standing out too much.

Cream white

Cream white is also a good alternative to beige. This is another color that does not make the stained mouldings scream because of the difference in color. Cream white is not too dark nor too bright. It also helps mask the appearance of fingerprints and dust.

Deep shades of gray

If you want a bolder and more contemporary look, you may decide to use various shades of gray while painting your walls. Some medium to dark colors work incredibly well when used together with stained mouldings. Medium or deep shades of gray always work miracles as far as creating a beautiful look in your interiors is concerned. The trend toward gray is one of the most popular modern looks of our time. As you select the finish for your crown mouldings, take some time to consider the base color of your walls and how the mouldings will look against that backdrop. If you are planning on complete remodel, it may be time to change your walls to a more modern color scheme. Volterra Architectural Products offers hardwood mouldings in a variety of styles that are ready to be painted or stained to match any interior color scheme. Visit our online catalogue today or call us at 602-258-7373